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Back to School Martial Arts & Leadership Programme
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Going back to school can be a difficult and worrying time for some children as there’s lots of change for them to deal with all at once. The AEGIS Martial Arts Programme includes a number of confidence building tools and strategies to help your child adapt quickly, achieve more and take of themselves. We help children to not just get by at school, but thrive by becoming confident, able role models for their friends. Our programme includes:

• Free 30 Day School Success Diary            • Anti-Bullying Strategies            • Self Defence Skills           

• How to Choose Friends                               • Courtesy & Respect                  • Leadership Skills

• How to Improve Concentration                  • Getting To and From School Safely



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Call: 0800 092 0948 – Email:


Stranger Danger Top Tips

‘Be confident that your children can look out for themselves’

  • Have a plan if you cannot collect your child. Give your child a password that another family member or close friend can use if they need to collect your child.
  • Make sure your child memorises their address and your mobile number.
  • When you go to a busy place like a theme park or the beach, arrange a meeting point in case you loose each other.
  • Take a photo of your child on your smart phone in the morning so you have a photo how they are dressed that day.
  • When in town, point out police officers as people they can ask for help. Also places such as banks can act as a safe place to go into, due to the high quality CCTV systems.
  • Teach them simple breakaway techniques, so they know what to do if someone they don’t know tries to physically touch them.
  • It is common and dangerous for children to think of strangers as scary or sinister. Make sure they know to treat all strangers the same, whether they are nice or not.
  • A stranger is anyone that your child doesn’t know or doesn’t know very well. Make sure they know this.
  • Reinforce to your child never to talk to strangers, never accept gifts from them and to never walk off with them or get into a car with them.
  • If your child is approached by a stranger and feels uncomfortable or threatened, teach them to shout ‘STRANGER’ or ‘FIRE!’ to draw attention to themselves. They may feel awkward but reassure them it is the correct course of action.
  • Online threats are now a big issue with all the technology available. Make sure your child knows not to share personal information and they should never arrange to meet people they have met over the internet. Set the parental controls and monitor their activity.


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