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Ninja Tots

Ages 3 to 5

For pre-school and new to school children. Our Tots program is designed to build essential skills in 5 key development areas:

  • Self Help Skills – Build independence and co-dependence
  • Thinking Skills – Problem solving & decision making
  • Motor Skills – Motor, balance & coordination skills
  • Socialisation Skills – Confidence in communication
  • Language Skills – Clarity & Confidence in speech

Tots love the fun stuff we do, and you’ll love the life skills they learn.

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Children’s Classes

Ages 6 and up

Kids love our fast paced and dynamic classes. Parents love their confidence and ability growing. Our programs develop 5 key skills:

  • Heart Skills – Emotional control, confidence & fear management
  • Mind Skills – Problem solving, thinking and decision making
  • Body skills – Strength, fitness & coordination
  • Spirit Skills – Awareness & thoughtfulness of others
  • Balance Skills – How to balance in mind, body & spirit

They’ll love the fun stuff they do, and you’ll love the life skills they learn.

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Family Classes

Ideal for Families

Great parents lead by example. Great kids want to follow that example.
We focus on 5 key life skills:

  • Heart Skills – Developing emotional control
  • Mind Skills – How to plan & problem solve
  • Body Skills – Lifelong fitness & strength
  • Spirit Skills – Develop inner peace & calm
  • Balance Skills – How to create life balance

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Adult Classes

Ideal for Men & Women

Our classes bring people together from every area of society. We work together in friendship to become the very best versions of ourselves. We focus our programs on 5 key areas:

  • Heart Skills – Emotional control, learning to control fear and anger
  • Mind Skills – Strategy, tactics & problem solving
  • Body Skills – Lifelong fitness, strength & health
  • Spirit Skills – Inner Peace, confidence and meaning
  • Balance Skills – Balancing all the skills

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